The History of Bridges of Canada

Bridges of Canada Inc. is non-profit organization that provides a continuum of therapeutic care to people who are currently incarcerated or in transition from incarceration, as well as those who are struggling with addiction, mental illness and/or criminal behaviour.  Our programs are transformative and transitional in nature, supporting individuals and their families in the choice to make positive life changes.

We Believe People Can Change.

Born in the heart of our founder, Monty Lewis who himself was once incarcerated, our organization has provided chaplaincy services throughout the Atlantic region for the past 29 years, working closely with partners spanning both Canada and the United States.  Given our founder’s life experience on the inside, our organization has developed and expanded over the years, offering a unique perspective on chaplaincy services.  Among his various accolades, the late Rev. Lewis received the Solicitor General of Canada’s first-ever award for Public Safety in Canada, and both the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Medal and Diamond Jubilee Medal, in honor of his significant contributions to his community.

We have a 29-year history of serving a diverse group of inmates, ex-offenders and addicts from all walks of life and backgrounds.  We have breadth and depth of experience with higher-risk populations and we strive to empower program participants to make positive changes in order to achieve an improved level of physical, mental (emotional), and spiritual health.

Since 1982 Bridges of Canada has provided religious services in federal and provincial institutions, jails, halfway houses, and addictions facilities throughout Canada, and has served as one of the top offender reintegration organizations.  We are an international company serving clients both in Canada and abroad. Our diverse staff has extensive experience in corrections, chaplaincy, and community reintegration services across Canada.

Regardless of faith, background, or language, we make provisions for the spiritual needs of all who are referred to us. We facilitate services in French and English and we respect the rights of all men and women to choose their own religious beliefs.  Correspondingly, there are no expectations or program requirements for any person to participate in our faith-based services.